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BGFecosolution - biodegradable plastic news NEWS

Eco-friendly biodegradable plastic, bioplastic products manufacturer in Korea - BGFecosolution
  • Plants

    PLA comes from Lactic acid,
    which is from annually-renewable plants.

  • Biodegradable & Compostable

    BGFecosolution products return to nature by
    decomposing into water, carbon dioxide and compost
    by microbes under the condition of composting.

  • PLA raw material

    PLA raw material is produced
    by polymerization from Lactic acid.

  • Recyclable & No toxins

    BGFecosolution products are recyclable,
    do not emit toxic fumes if incinerated.
    They result in much less greenhouse
    gas emissions even if end up in landfills.

  • PLA Foaming

    This is the area of expertise from BGFecosolution.
    We foams the PLA using technology backed by patents.

  • Product

    BGFecosolution, the leader in a nature-friendly industry,
    makes ‘no-harm-to-nature’ products.

PLA(Polylactic Acid) is
‘the FDA-certified’ biodegradable resin from 100% plant materials like sugarcane, corn etc.

PLA is the most widely used biodegradable polymer across the world.
PLA can replace the conventional plastics in food containers, packaging and go beyond them.
When disposed under the condition of composting, PLA can be biodegraded, returning to nature.

Eco-friendly bioplastic products - BGFecosolutionEco-Friendly

  • It is from annually-renewable plants.
  • No endocrine disruptors whatsoever.

Eco-friendly biodegradable plastic - BGFecosolutionBiodegradable/

  • Broken down into water, carbon dioxide and compost

Eco-friendly biodegradable plastic, bioplastic products - BGFecosolutionDisposal

  • Recyclable in various ways and disposable in a nature-friendly way.
  • Extremely low greenhouse gas emissions, if incinerated.

biodegradable plastic, bioplastic products manufacturerSustainable

  • Only 0.02% of agricultural land is used to make bioplastic feedstock.

PLA Foam by BGFecosolution

Green technology by BGFecosolution


Less cost,
More products

World-class foaming technology enables us to use less raw materials.

BGFecosolution is committed to making the high-quality plastic alternatives through persistent R&D efforts.

“Multi functional”

Heat-resistance Durability
Safe for food contact

BGFecosolution has developed ‘heat-resistant’, ‘durable’, and ‘safe for food contact’ products.

BGFecosolution is in pursuit of ‘high-quality’ and ‘multi-function’.

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Our Products

ž BGFecosolution’s Eco-Friendly Product Lineup

  • Tray - Eco-friendly biodegradable plastic products - BGFecosolution


    Rectangular, circular, clover-shaped, etc.

  • Carrier - Eco-friendly bioplastic products - BGFecosolution


    Egg carriers, fruit carriers, food carriers, industrial packaging, etc.

  • Bowl/Cup - Eco-friendly biodegradable plastic, bioplastic products - BGFecosolution


    Salad containers, cold cups, etc.

  • Non-Foaming - Eco-friendly biodegradable plastic, products in Korea - BGFecosolution


    Cold Cups, Straws, Tableware, etc.

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